Welcome to the London Region Branch Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (ACO)

Formed in 1966 in response to the threatened destruction of London’s original financial district on Ridout Street, the London Region Branch of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (ACO), is a charitable organization dedicated to promoting, preserving and interpreting the architectural heritage of the London area.

The ACO welcomes suggestions and concerns and can be contacted using the information in the “Contact Us” section.

The mandate of the ACO and its 23 branches is:

  1. Bulletto protect the best examples of the architectural heritage of the province

  2. Bulletto protect it places of natural beauty

If you ever stopped to look at a building whose architectural features or sense of history held your interest, the ACO might just be what you are looking for.

Did you know?

Most people who join the ACO are not architects.  They are citizens who want to know about built heritage and want to save the best of it.

Membership in the ACO will put you in touch with others:

  1. Bulletwho value both our built heritage and natural heritage

  2. Bulletwho want to preserve these features that make London a distinctive city

  3. Bulletwho believe that heritage is the way a community maintains its identity

  4. Bulletwho believe in landmarks not landfill and that adaptive reuse is a green option.

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