Re: Request to repeal heritage designation for 429 William Street

Monday, March 11, 2019

Members of Planning & Environment Committee (PEC) via email:
Councillor Stephen Turner (Chair)
Councillor Anna Hopkins
Councillor Jesse Helmer
Councillor Maureen Cassidy
Councillor Phil Squire

Members of the London Advisory Committee on Heritage (LACH) through the LACH Committee Secretary

Re: Request to repeal heritage designation for 429 William Street

Dear Councillors:

On behalf of ACO London, I write to oppose the request to repeal the heritage designation for 429 William Street. The request should be denied for the following reasons:

  1. The building is a well-preserved Gothic Revival home dating to ca. 1870.

  2. The original reasons for designation do not appear to have changed. The home is still of cultural value to London

    for its construction, craftsmanship, and context.

  3. Repealing a designation defeats its purpose, which is to conserve heritage assets for future generations.

  4. Designation should be based solely on heritage value and not on economic considerations such as resale


  5. To repeal a heritage designation sets a dangerous precedent for future similar requests within the city.

We trust PEC members will choose to protect London’s built heritage and deny this request.


Jennifer Grainger
Architectural Conservancy Ontario - London Region