Past Award Winners


Kathleen Anderson
Barb Botten
Middlesex Centre Archives
Three heritage homes in Woodfield - Ken Demelo
Trinity Chapel and Baptist Church in Ailsa Craig - North Middlesex Historical Society
Garvey Block, 201 King Street - Innovation Works and Pillar Non-Profit Network
Granger-McMahen block, 186 York Street - Design House London


Ann McColl and David Lindsay
Debra Rogers
Vintage London - Colin Duck and Cindy Hartman
43 Bruce Street - Mike and Cathy Lynch
111 Clarence Street - Catherine Morrisey
1945 Highland Heights - George Kerhoulas and Jacqueline Crosby
ReVita Medical Esthetics and Spa, 1541 Hyde Park Road - Lily Seed
Somerville Building, 630 Dundas Street - David Cook
The Cube, 304 Talbot Street - York Developments and Arcane


Joe O’Neill
Jean Ramer
Clock Tower Inn, 71 Frank Street, Strathroy - Mark and Cathy Graham
240 Waterloo Street - London Roundhouse
468 Wellington Street - Metropolitan United Church
866 Dundas Street - LIFE*SPIN
Rose Chapel, 6675 Burtwistle Lane - Johnson Family
Elsie Perrin Williams Estate - City of London


Janet Hunten
Wes Kinghorn
Eldon House Board of Directors
50 Byron Avenue - Robert Porter and Catherine McInnes
64 Elmwood Avenue East - Dale and Andrea Manias
17 York Street - Steve Copp, Copps Buildall
The Chisholm Building, 142 Dundas Street - Sharon and Hamoody Hassan
Banting House, 442 Adelaide Street N - Grant Maltman and Canadian Diabetes Association
Coach House, 566 Dundas Street - My Sisters’ Place
Cancer Survivors Garden, McKillop Park, Wonderland Road and Riverside Drive - London Home Builders Association


Patrick J. Coles
55 Grand Avenue - Mark Incitti and David McCord
782 Wellington Street - Leslie Scott and Chris Vinden
Spirit of Flight Aviation Museum, 2155 Crumlin Side Road - 427 (London) Wing RCAF Association
664 Dundas Street - London Clay Arts Centre
719-721 Dundas Street - The Unity Project
2060 Dundas Street East - The Church of the Ascension
Glanworth Library, 2950 Glanworth Drive - Glanworth Community Association
City of London and Friends of Meadowlily Woods


Hilary Bates Neary
105 Clarence Street - Eric Stach and Catherine Morrissey
338 St. James Street - Lorraine Por and Gregory Thompson
390 Princess Avenue - Vince Zoccano and Mark Duffy
859 and 861 Waterloo Street - John and Susan Koval
London Normal School, 165 Elmwood Avenue East - Old South Community Organization
Grosvenor Lodge, 1017 Western Road - City of London
Hyde Park United Church, 1560 Hyde Park Road - Dr. Wei Jing Loo


Alice Gibb
39 Front St. West, Strathroy - Janet Gibbons
125 Grand Avenue - Paul Douglas and Mary Moore
222 Wellington Street - Peter Cuddy and Kate Gielen
471 Waterloo Street - Roy Neufert
570 Waterloo Street - Lynn and Tom Okanski
37 Ridout Street South - Jed Chinneck
Grigg Hotel, 332 Richmond Street - Youth Opportunities Unlimited


Nancy Tausky
100 Cheapside Street - Bonnie and Michael Perotti
270 St. James Street - Lynn Davis
Norman A. Bradford Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge, and King Street Bridge - City of London
Derby Inn and Ashwell Block, 2 Front Street W, Strathroy - Kathleen Anderson
St. Mary’s Catholic Church, 345 Lyle Street - Father Joseph Dabrowski and parishioners
556 Dundas Street - My Sister’s Place, Susan Macphail and the late Noreen Bird
London Normal School, 165 Elmwood Avenue - Province of Ontario


John Lutman
Maggie Whalley
London Free Press Editorial and News staff
156 Wortley Road - Gene Lamont and Al Stewart
398 Piccadilly Street - Susan Carlyle and David Southen
90 Central Avenue - Denis Campeau, John Demarco, Peter Hayes and Ann Kirby
Burridge Building, 103-105 King Street - Manuel and Dani Cardoso
Capitol Theatre and Bowles Building, 206 Dundas Street - City of London and Fahri Holdings


Julia Beck
Kenross House, 336 Piccadilly Street - Natalie and Timothy Tattersall
798 Queens Avenue - Angela Rivard and Jamie Tedesco
802 Queen Avenue - Maria and Leo Parra
Montessori House of Children, 707/709/718/742 Waterloo Street - Anne Marie Harding
Hayman House, 869 Dundas Street - Ontario Dental Assistants Association
Broughdale Hall - King’s University College
‘Woodholme’, Wonderland Road and the Scott Farmhouse, Hamilton Road - Sifton Properties
Roy McKay Clubhouse at Labatt Memorial Park - City of London and The Friends of Labatt Park


Anne McKillop
‘Thornwood’, 329 St. George Street - Leslie and Gerald Brock
509 William Street - John and Debbie Therriault
585 Talbot Street - Anne Marie Frauts
Raleigh House, 639 Talbot Street - Alison Darmon and Simon Bailey
773 Princess Avenue - Dave Bauman
1 Dundas Street - City of London
The Apartment Shoppe, 322/334/336 Princess Avenue and 549 Waterloo Street - Dave Russell
The Palace Theatre, 710 Dundas Street - London Community Players
Aeolian Hall, 795 Dundas Street - Clark Bryan