Your Historical House Sign package will include a sign featuring the name of the original owner and their occupation as well as the year of construction, and a print monograph including history on the home and its owners that is uncovered by our volunteer research team.

It's a great glimpse into your neighbourhood's history and the cost is only $75 per municipal address for non-members and $67.50 for ACO members.

Please note that each property takes between 20 and 50 hours to research and is done by dedicated volunteers. Due to the popular success of the program we do have a waiting list delay for signs. If you would like to join our research team contact us today!

Please fill out the form below to start the process.

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I/we acknowledge that ACO London will research the history of the property to determine the date of construction and the name and occupation of the first resident. ACO London will take photos of the building exterior for research purposes, architectural features, and inclusion in the monograph. I/we acknowledge that the sign shall record the date of construction, the name and the occupation of the first resident(s) and the ACO London name and logo. All ACO London signs will be of a standard size and material in order to maintain consistency in design, materials, and recorded information I/we agree to install the sign in an appropriate and clearly visible location on the front façade of the building; and that the maintenance of the sign will be my/our responsibility. Participation in the Historical House Sign Program does not involve property heritage designation by the City of London. Note: results of house research will be shared with City of London heritage planners, plus kept on file at the London Room and ACO London. At no time, will ACO London share or sell applicants’ personal information.