Conserving Our Heritage for Over 50 Years

ACO London has encouraged and actively participated in the drive to designate outstanding heritage properties – starting with Eldon House in 1977. Since then, we helped to compile the City’s first Inventory of Heritage Resources which is continually being updated. ACO London also actively advocated for the seven Heritage Conservation Districts designated so far. The branch has produced five publications to date – and we participate in the research, recording and archival conservation of the area’s architectural heritage resources.

ACO London continually monitors developments, acts to avert threats to the region’s heritage architecture, and informs the community on its potential to act and conserve our architectural resources whenever possible!

In an ongoing effort to make the community and visitors aware of the rich history contained in the buildings of the London area:

  • We organize events throughout the year including tours, speaker nights, and workshops, as well as our signature annual fundraiser, the Geranium Heritage House Tour, and our annual Heritage Awards gala presented in partnership with Heritage London Foundation.

  • We influence public policy at municipal and provincial levels to help conserve heritage structures. We partner with other community groups in programming and advocacy on built-heritage related issues such as sustainable development, smart city-building, homelessness and affordable housing.

  • We encourage young people’s interest in heritage conservation through the ACO London Heritage Scholarship, and we provide small grants to owners of heritage properties to help with their restorations.


Celebrating Our Heritage

We love to celebrate great people and great projects!

Since 2006, ACO London and Heritage London Foundation have come together each year to jointly recognize individuals and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the conservation of London’s built heritage.

We celebrate these achievements with an annual Awards Gala at the historic Delta Armouries Hotel to kick off Heritage Week every February with live music, good food, and great company!

Do you know someone who has done exceptional work in the heritage field? Perhaps a neighbour who has restored their home, a business that creatively re-purposed an old warehouse, friends who have volunteered tirelessly, a community organization that has reanimated a historical streetscape? Our Honourees come from a diverse range of sectors but they all share one thing: passion and vision for the future of our past!

Nominating someone is easy and and anyone can submit one or more! We look forward to hearing from you about new heritage heroes across the London region.

We also have sponsorship opportunities available for individuals, organizations and companies who believe in recognizing the very best heritage conservation projects and the outstanding individuals who do the hard work of advocating for the region’s heritage.


You can play an important role!

We need your help to continue this important work. There are a number of great ways that you can get involved with ACO London.